Booking Engine

The BrightCalendar booking engine unique design gives you maximum control of your activities and their timeslots.

  • Control how your activities interact with each other when they get booked.
  • Activities/ times can have any combination of ticket, private, or group fares.
  • Fares can have different max # (availability) for the same activity.
  • Flexible payment options that allow you to accept a full payment and/or deposit.
  • Create seasons to allow your activities to be available at certain times of the year.
  • Organize your activities/ times into meaningful groups.
  • Flexible start/ end times.
  • Multiple day support.
  • Modify fares, max #, add-ons, and forms for any day


The storefront is a modern, highly customizable booking widget that’s simple for anyone to use.

  • Minimal design, clear distinctive buttons, allow the booking process to be simple.
  • Works with any website.
  • Customize to match your website.
  • Add images and descriptions to your activities to entice your customers to book.
  • Easy to install and requires no programming.
  • Integrates with Facebook.
  • SSL Certificate Included.
  • Multiple ways to implement.

Mobile App

BrightCalendar’s mobile app allows you to stay connected when you're on the go.

  • Accept bookings and payments.
  • Control your activities availability.
  • View reports and customer details.
  • Connects to any mobile network or wifi hotspot.
  • Real-time bookings, reports, and availability
  • Works with any smartphone or tablet

Managing Bookings

BrightCalendar provides you with everything you'll need to efficiently manage your book without the hassle.

  • Easily view availability.
  • Edit customers bookings without worrying about double booking, or miscalculating the cost.
  • Create rain checks and apply payments to existing bookings.
  • Refund customers
  • Track monies owed and collected
  • Automatic Backups

Customer Checkout

Quickly enter bookings with our versatile checkout.

  • Simple checkout process.
  • Eliminates double booking errors.
  • Modify price if any activity and add-on on the fly.
  • Preset deposit amounts for fast checkout or create your own.
  • Add bookings without any form of payment.
  • Shopping Cart Functionality.
  • Redeem Coupons.
  • Optional payment types.
  • Add notes to a customer's booking that can only be viewed internally.
  • Automatic email confirmation.


Control the availability of your activities, fares, add-ons, and forms with a few clicks.

  • Easily override your set schedule.
  • Ability to set your activities and fares to Call For Availability.
  • Call for Availability displays your phone number for the selected activity or fare for your customers.
  • Control the availability for any add-on and form for any timeslot.
  • Make timeslots unavailable at a set time each day.
  • Create seasons that only allow those activities to be available.
  • Add a buffer zone that won’t allow online bookings from your current time, but changes them to call for availability.

Email Confirmations

Save time by automating booking notifications.

  • Professional email template.
  • Automatically sends confirmation when a booking is made.
  • Receive instant notification when a customer makes a reservation.
  • Confirmations include reservation policy and itinerary.
  • Guaranteed email delivery using SendGrid™.

Payment Gateways

Payments go directly into your bank account.

  • Select the type of credit cards you want to accept.
  • Display credit card icon next to credit card form fields during checkout.
  • Use your existing merchant processor or we can have you setup with one of our partners.
  • Next day payouts.
  • Hold payment information without charging the customer.
  • Works without payment integration.


Powerful reporting that you can tailor to your needs

  • Easily create your own reports by selecting the data and order to be displayed.
  • Flexible search criteria.
  • View financials in an itemized layout.
  • Preset reports for quick viewing.
  • Export, print any report.


Create coupons and redeem them automatically.

  • Hide coupon field from customers when, not in use.
  • Easily set the value, max # and availability.
  • Redeem Groupon/ Living Social vouchers
  • Automatically remove payment fields during checkout when amount owed is $0.00.

Add-Ons & Fees

Add-on’s allow you to offer products and services separate from the actual activity that your customer can purchase. They also allow you to add any additional fees.

  • Set the number of items offered for each add-on.
  • Add images and descriptions to entice your customers to buy.
  • Ability to exclude Add-ons from coupons.
  • Fees can be one-time or based on the number of people booking.
  • Listed separately from the activity making the invoice easy to understand.
  • Ability to emphasise the remaining number of availability.


Add forms to collect additional information from your customers when they make a booking.

  • Forms have the option to be required.
  • Automatically multiply forms based on the number of people in the party. So you can collect the information you want from each person in the party.
  • Interchange forms for different activities/ times
  • Option to add instructions for each element in your form.
  • Control the availability of your forms

Staff Access

Create limited access user accounts for your staff with different levels of permissions.

  • No limit to the number of accounts
  • Customize permissions for each staff member.